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Matthew Morgan, Co-founder, MakeMC

Almost 5 years ago I was relocated by my then employer. It was and continues to be a great adventure; however the process of relocating itself was super-painful. Even though we knew where we were going (my wife’s home city) and my company financed the whole thing (with golden hand-cuffs) the practicalities (finding houses, schools, cars etc) made our first 3 months tense and stressful. Since then we’ve witnessed friends all over the world making similar moves suffer similar pain.

Our advice to all is spend the money and employ an expert at the destination to help you; and it seems there is a growing demand for such services. As the global workforce mobilizes (infographic below) relocation companies are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated.

One such service is Yellow Brick who specialize in relocations to the South West of England. In talking to the founder (we grew up together) it’s telling that there is a viable business to be had helping people put down roots in desirable/key locations. A recent survey conducted by (below) highlights the key challenges and advice that needs consideration when making a move. This is also where a good relocation service can add the most value: